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  • PARIS TN: Wynn Street fire under investigation
    Paris Fire Marshal Greg Andrews (left) and Chief Michael Williams inspect the aftermath of a fire which destroyed the house at 402 Wynn St. Three trucks and 11 men were on the scene for about two hour

  • PARIS TN: Sniffing out a winner
    Henry County Sheriff’s Department K-9 officer Cisco hunts for entries in The Paris Post-Intelligencer’s Pets of Paris contest this morning at the newspaper offices. The dog, handled by Deputy Wayne Fu

  • PARIS TN: Tax referendum support sought from educators
    Just two days after the Henry County Commission authorized a referendum on a possible local sales tax increase, two local mayors have begun the task of educating voters about the benefits of that incr

  • PARIS TN: State’s new education standards reviewed
    The Tennessee Department of Education is taking a fresh look at education standards, and it is giving state residents an opportunity to give input.

  • PARIS TN: Discussing dairy
    Randy Davis, president of the Tennessee Dairy Association, talks to area dairy producers during the group’s annual meeting at the Henry County Farm Bureau in Paris. About 42 people, representing 10 ar

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